I Don’t Blog

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I. Don’t. Blog.

Not really. Coulda fooled me, you’re probably thinking. Well, I think I’ll treat this like my journal until I figure out that someone is reading it. Then I bet I’ll rethink it. 🙂

So lately I’ve been having these visions about something cool. Something big. Bigger than any one person.  And, then I bought a website. Then I bought another. No, it’s not that I’m rich. It’s that I believe in this so much that I’m willing to put money and even my own personal writing ambitions aside to make it happen. For a while anyway.

Why? Because the dream of one is nothing—absolutely nothing—compared to the dream of many.

So I have two websites. Both designed to make things better for others. Both designed to make dreams come true. One designed for readers primarily, and one designed for writers.

Yep. Writers of all levels, coming together in this big city, and even bigger virtual world. So, you’re thinking… alright already. What’s the site. It’s not that I won’t share. It’s that I have to develop the second site. Give me a week, maybe ten days. I promise. It’s coming.

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