Things don’t always land in your lap. In fact, they rarely do. You have to reach out and grab them. You have to beat the other guy to the prize sometimes. It doesn’t always make you the most popular one in the bunch, but then again, just because you grabbed it doesn’t mean you can’t share it.

Yeah, that sounded random. I often can, it’s not that I’m random. Its that from the time I conceived that thought and typed it I had a few connecting ideas, but unfortunately in my typical way, I opted against sharing. I’m working on sharing. I really am. But though words are my love, I’ve been hurt by them before. So sometimes, I guard them. Fiercely. Passionately. So if I deliver what feels like half a message… it’s because I was reluctant to share the other half.  I’m working on it. I am.

To another topic….

So, the concepts. Eat Read Rate (ERR) and All Things Words (ATW). Wow, these two entities take up more of my time than a boyfriend would.

What are they? ERR is the reader-based side of what I wanted to put into effect. Having writers touch readers in a personal way, and at the same time, making writers accessible to readers—their fans. It’s in this spirit that we’re featuring our first couple of events.
Then there’s the other side. ATW.
The purpose of this is to put resources at the fingertips of people who aren’t in the higher-priced,  dues-based, occasionally cliquish groups. So we are doing it starting from the bottom up. One writer at a time. Doing little workshops. Putting contests, conferences, call for submissions on the website.

I hope that those writers who are in the know will be kind enough to email me updates so that I can keep our calendar full of all these events that most writers don’t have access to.

It’s late. And I’m on the boring side. What if… what if I do something bold and share a couple of paragraphs of my first chapter of my ‘sin book. Sin as in assassin. Not as in sinner. 😛




Here I go again.

coffee close-up

Here I go. Not blogging. Growl.

Okay but this is kinda cool. Too much has happened. I’ll give you the websites. and

I have bloggers! ATW has Rusty. Known him for a while now. Met through a writing group in the Woodlands. The man can write. And blog. And put emotions on paper. That part makes me jealous. But that’s why he’s blogging and I’m journaling. He’s cool. He’s a great blogger. Hell, he hooked me.

Got a blogger for ERR. Melissa.

Here’s how she ended up joining the group. Jan and I met her at Starbucks. Jan does ERR and ATW with me. I think I mentioned that before. Or I should have. Here it goes:
“Why does Melissa think she’s meeting you? What did you tell her?” Jan asked.

Shoot. I wished she hadn’t. The way my meeting with Melissa today came about—odd.

“I messaged her on FB. That I wanted to talk to her about a project.” I laughed when I said it, realizing how ludicrous this was. I’d never even so much as said hi to Melissa before today. We’re FB friends. We all know what that can mean at times—it’s a friend- of- friends-thing usually. And here we were about to make her an offer that I think (no, I’m pretty sure) lots would be interested in. An offer which would put a lot in her hands.

Jan was silent for a few preggers seconds. “That’s it?” I think she’d been holding her breath.


So, up walks Melissa—some coffee drink in hand—looks at Jan (I know they know one another. Don’t know how well) then looks at me. Her first words: “Did you feel you need back up?”
Aha! That was a cool moment for me. That did it. That affirmed in me why Melissa is here. Or will be here. Soon. Whenever she’s ready.

You’re thinking: Okay, where’s here. Here is as our main blogger on Eat Read Rate. I scoured blogs. I watched people. That’s what I do. I’m a people watcher. This woman can write. She can share. She has passion. She loves writing. She believes in what we’re doing.

She’ll interview writers. Have guest bloggers, and throw out all kind of stuff that you’ll find interesting. And you’ll leave her comments. You’ll stimulate conversation. You’ll make requests. We’ll do our best to make those become a reality.

What more can readers of books and blogs ask for?

I think she’s what we need—you and I.

See if I’m right.


Wow. I had no idea it would be such a culture shock! I hope you enjoyed the short tour into the RWA world. 🙂
Awesome post!


I spent 10 days in France last year. The people (with only 1 notable exception) were warm, welcoming, and happy that I was spending my money in their country and appreciating their culture. But there was never any doubt that I was in a foreign country. Different language, different culture, different food, different habits.

Yesterday I went to a workshop hosted by the West Houston Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.  Like the people of France, the members were warm, welcoming, and happy that I was attending their workshop.  I’ve been to a number of workshops before, as well as writers’ groups, but this is the first time I was truly in a foreign country.

I’ve been trying to articulate exactly why that was ever since.  Here are some differences that possibly contributed.

MOST OF THOSE ATTENDING WERE WOMEN.  There were 4 Y chromosomes in the room, 3 visitors…

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Stealth Mode Time


I’ve been remiss in writing. So much is going on. Found this awesome, cool place to use as a venue. I’ll get more into that after I’ve talked to them to solidify a relationship. I’ve been so busy doing stuff to get ATW and ERR ready that I don’t spend any time writing about it.

Okay that is partially true. The other part? I’m private, in many ways. A nomad, mostly solo. So yes, there are things in the works. No, I’m not ready to push them to the public forefront. I only need a few more days. Until then I’m going into stealth mode to work on it. I will deliver the goods—but not prematurely. Until later.

The Year of The Dragon

The year of the dragon.

First I’ll make a claim…
I’m not much into Chinese mythology or religion. Why would I be? It’s not something I grew up with. I’m not Oriental or Asian. Unless you count the Mongol warriors that I’m pretty sure are in my family tree—way back there.
I digress.

I was in an Asian Antique store yesterday. Pretty cool. And they have all these different animals for different years. I was born in the Year of the Dragon.

So I wikied it. And yes, I used wiki as a verb. Sue me. Just like I use Googled as a verb.

Anyway. It seems even within Years of the Dragon, there’s different kinds of dragons. In my case, I’m a Wood Dragon.
So here’s what wiki said:
Wood attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. It is also associated with qualities of warmth, generosity, co-operation and idealism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious. The wood element is one that seeks always to grow and expand. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood needs moisture to thrive.

Hmmm… Yeah, okay. I see parts of me in that. Especially with my project. Yes, the VENTURE. Let’s just call it ATW (short for All Things Words, in case you’ve slept since the last blog).

And yes, I remember I promised to tell you a little bit about it. How about a picture. I’ll take one of the website. And I’ll put it up here. Remember. It’s preliminary. Oh, who am I kidding. Like anyone’s gonna see it!

I Still Don’t Blog. I Ramble.


So the coolest thing ever. I walked into a bookstore to see if they’d want to do an occasional event with me. Something that honors readers and writers.
Not only did they want to do the first one, they want to do these consistently.

Wow. Someone else who has passion for words. And someone who has experience with putting together functions for readers and writers.
Ideas started to fly. It was as if someone gave me a set of wings and said, now fly.

We’ve booked our first event. Grrrr, and I’m still working on the website. So many things happen in every day that pushes this venture forward that I can only reflect on it in wonder.

I got a little backed up yesterday. Why? well… I wrote a few articles honoring some awesome ladies yesterday—their achievements, their new releases, etc. This kept me from pursuing the venture, but not for too long.

And I promise you, I did work on the venture. I guess I can tell you the name—actually there are two names.

All Things Words (ATW) and Eat Read Rate (ERR).

And no, the website isn’t ready. I’ll tell you when it is. For now I’m merely posting the journey that’s taking me there. Of course, there are segments that aren’t posted as I didn’t start to journal about this until after it was fairly solidified as a notion. Perhaps one day I’ll go back and reflect on it in this blog.

Okay, I’m getting off track with rambling.

What is ATW and ERR? ATW is a writers’ hub. ERR is a readers’ hub. At this point you’re saying… what the hell, nomad!

Okay, seriously I’m penning my thoughts. I’ll get them on here ASAP. Promise. Like tomorrow. And I’ll tell you about the event we already booked. Kinda. At least what I know for certain. So far… three authors, a Mexican restaurant, and a bunch of books. May 1. Yes, I’m working on a brochure for that too. And I’ll put it up here. Just give me a few hours to find the fourth author.

And remind me to talk about how I have access to all these awesome, cool, giving authors.

But right now, there’s an assassin who throws knives who will be very pissed off at me if I don’t spend some time with her. That’s right. I’m writing about an assassin. We can talk about that some other time. Until tomorrow then — or the day after.

And next time I won’t ramble so much.