I Still Don’t Blog. I Ramble.


So the coolest thing ever. I walked into a bookstore to see if they’d want to do an occasional event with me. Something that honors readers and writers.
Not only did they want to do the first one, they want to do these consistently.

Wow. Someone else who has passion for words. And someone who has experience with putting together functions for readers and writers.
Ideas started to fly. It was as if someone gave me a set of wings and said, now fly.

We’ve booked our first event. Grrrr, and I’m still working on the website. So many things happen in every day that pushes this venture forward that I can only reflect on it in wonder.

I got a little backed up yesterday. Why? well… I wrote a few articles honoring some awesome ladies yesterday—their achievements, their new releases, etc. This kept me from pursuing the venture, but not for too long.

And I promise you, I did work on the venture. I guess I can tell you the name—actually there are two names.

All Things Words (ATW) and Eat Read Rate (ERR).

And no, the website isn’t ready. I’ll tell you when it is. For now I’m merely posting the journey that’s taking me there. Of course, there are segments that aren’t posted as I didn’t start to journal about this until after it was fairly solidified as a notion. Perhaps one day I’ll go back and reflect on it in this blog.

Okay, I’m getting off track with rambling.

What is ATW and ERR? ATW is a writers’ hub. ERR is a readers’ hub. At this point you’re saying… what the hell, nomad!

Okay, seriously I’m penning my thoughts. I’ll get them on here ASAP. Promise. Like tomorrow. And I’ll tell you about the event we already booked. Kinda. At least what I know for certain. So far… three authors, a Mexican restaurant, and a bunch of books. May 1. Yes, I’m working on a brochure for that too. And I’ll put it up here. Just give me a few hours to find the fourth author.

And remind me to talk about how I have access to all these awesome, cool, giving authors.

But right now, there’s an assassin who throws knives who will be very pissed off at me if I don’t spend some time with her. That’s right. I’m writing about an assassin. We can talk about that some other time. Until tomorrow then — or the day after.

And next time I won’t ramble so much.


One thought on “I Still Don’t Blog. I Ramble.

  1. jannash1 says:

    I like when you ramble….
    Now back to work.

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