The Year of The Dragon

The year of the dragon.

First I’ll make a claim…
I’m not much into Chinese mythology or religion. Why would I be? It’s not something I grew up with. I’m not Oriental or Asian. Unless you count the Mongol warriors that I’m pretty sure are in my family tree—way back there.
I digress.

I was in an Asian Antique store yesterday. Pretty cool. And they have all these different animals for different years. I was born in the Year of the Dragon.

So I wikied it. And yes, I used wiki as a verb. Sue me. Just like I use Googled as a verb.

Anyway. It seems even within Years of the Dragon, there’s different kinds of dragons. In my case, I’m a Wood Dragon.
So here’s what wiki said:
Wood attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. It is also associated with qualities of warmth, generosity, co-operation and idealism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious. The wood element is one that seeks always to grow and expand. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood needs moisture to thrive.

Hmmm… Yeah, okay. I see parts of me in that. Especially with my project. Yes, the VENTURE. Let’s just call it ATW (short for All Things Words, in case you’ve slept since the last blog).

And yes, I remember I promised to tell you a little bit about it. How about a picture. I’ll take one of the website. And I’ll put it up here. Remember. It’s preliminary. Oh, who am I kidding. Like anyone’s gonna see it!

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