Wow. I had no idea it would be such a culture shock! I hope you enjoyed the short tour into the RWA world. 🙂
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I spent 10 days in France last year. The people (with only 1 notable exception) were warm, welcoming, and happy that I was spending my money in their country and appreciating their culture. But there was never any doubt that I was in a foreign country. Different language, different culture, different food, different habits.

Yesterday I went to a workshop hosted by the West Houston Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.  Like the people of France, the members were warm, welcoming, and happy that I was attending their workshop.  I’ve been to a number of workshops before, as well as writers’ groups, but this is the first time I was truly in a foreign country.

I’ve been trying to articulate exactly why that was ever since.  Here are some differences that possibly contributed.

MOST OF THOSE ATTENDING WERE WOMEN.  There were 4 Y chromosomes in the room, 3 visitors…

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