Here I go again.

coffee close-up

Here I go. Not blogging. Growl.

Okay but this is kinda cool. Too much has happened. I’ll give you the websites. and

I have bloggers! ATW has Rusty. Known him for a while now. Met through a writing group in the Woodlands. The man can write. And blog. And put emotions on paper. That part makes me jealous. But that’s why he’s blogging and I’m journaling. He’s cool. He’s a great blogger. Hell, he hooked me.

Got a blogger for ERR. Melissa.

Here’s how she ended up joining the group. Jan and I met her at Starbucks. Jan does ERR and ATW with me. I think I mentioned that before. Or I should have. Here it goes:
“Why does Melissa think she’s meeting you? What did you tell her?” Jan asked.

Shoot. I wished she hadn’t. The way my meeting with Melissa today came about—odd.

“I messaged her on FB. That I wanted to talk to her about a project.” I laughed when I said it, realizing how ludicrous this was. I’d never even so much as said hi to Melissa before today. We’re FB friends. We all know what that can mean at times—it’s a friend- of- friends-thing usually. And here we were about to make her an offer that I think (no, I’m pretty sure) lots would be interested in. An offer which would put a lot in her hands.

Jan was silent for a few preggers seconds. “That’s it?” I think she’d been holding her breath.


So, up walks Melissa—some coffee drink in hand—looks at Jan (I know they know one another. Don’t know how well) then looks at me. Her first words: “Did you feel you need back up?”
Aha! That was a cool moment for me. That did it. That affirmed in me why Melissa is here. Or will be here. Soon. Whenever she’s ready.

You’re thinking: Okay, where’s here. Here is as our main blogger on Eat Read Rate. I scoured blogs. I watched people. That’s what I do. I’m a people watcher. This woman can write. She can share. She has passion. She loves writing. She believes in what we’re doing.

She’ll interview writers. Have guest bloggers, and throw out all kind of stuff that you’ll find interesting. And you’ll leave her comments. You’ll stimulate conversation. You’ll make requests. We’ll do our best to make those become a reality.

What more can readers of books and blogs ask for?

I think she’s what we need—you and I.

See if I’m right.


2 thoughts on “Here I go again.

  1. Jan says:

    This journey is unfolding marvelously…

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