Things don’t always land in your lap. In fact, they rarely do. You have to reach out and grab them. You have to beat the other guy to the prize sometimes. It doesn’t always make you the most popular one in the bunch, but then again, just because you grabbed it doesn’t mean you can’t share it.

Yeah, that sounded random. I often can, it’s not that I’m random. Its that from the time I conceived that thought and typed it I had a few connecting ideas, but unfortunately in my typical way, I opted against sharing. I’m working on sharing. I really am. But though words are my love, I’ve been hurt by them before. So sometimes, I guard them. Fiercely. Passionately. So if I deliver what feels like half a message… it’s because I was reluctant to share the other half.  I’m working on it. I am.

To another topic….

So, the concepts. Eat Read Rate (ERR) and All Things Words (ATW). Wow, these two entities take up more of my time than a boyfriend would.

What are they? ERR is the reader-based side of what I wanted to put into effect. Having writers touch readers in a personal way, and at the same time, making writers accessible to readers—their fans. It’s in this spirit that we’re featuring our first couple of events.
Then there’s the other side. ATW.
The purpose of this is to put resources at the fingertips of people who aren’t in the higher-priced,  dues-based, occasionally cliquish groups. So we are doing it starting from the bottom up. One writer at a time. Doing little workshops. Putting contests, conferences, call for submissions on the website.

I hope that those writers who are in the know will be kind enough to email me updates so that I can keep our calendar full of all these events that most writers don’t have access to.

It’s late. And I’m on the boring side. What if… what if I do something bold and share a couple of paragraphs of my first chapter of my ‘sin book. Sin as in assassin. Not as in sinner. 😛



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