Chapter 35: Avalon, S.C.


I was up with the sun, not surprisingly since there was nothing between it and my eyelids.  What did surprise me is that I was totally refreshed, with no residual soreness from my sleeping arrangements.  Or from my midnight walk in stocking feet.  It’s good to know that 32 isn’t too old to sleep on the ground, despite my penchant for a firm, comfortable mattress at home.  Particularly since getting a Winnebago out to the island was going to be pretty tough.

There was one lukewarm cup of coffee left in my thermos, but I didn’t bother to start the fire back up to reheat it.  I’d brought a breakfast bar and an orange which tided me over.  Having roasted meat over a fire the night before, I didn’t feel compelled to burn bacon as well.

I poured a jug of water over the still-hot embers, then hauled another one…

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