Chapter 51: Avalon, S.C.

Rick and football. 🙂


“Good morning, Miz Adeline.  Good to see you, Rick.  Y’all come on in.  Woo-wee.  Didn’t we kick some serious Yankee ass down in the Gator Bowl?”  Dave Rickles pumped my hand like I was a long-lost college drinking buddy, not a client’s representative he’d only met once.  Seemed to prove once again that the way to a man’s heart was through his cock, particularly if it was a Gamecock.

“Only been a month, and I can’t even remember who we whupped.  Illinois, maybe?  The Fighting Illini?  What on God’s green earth is an Illini, anyway?  I get right down on my knees every night and thank The Man Upstairs I wasn’t born a Yankee.”

Good to see Ol’ Dave was his same old irrepressible self.  I mean, if you can’t count on xenophobia, what can you count on?

“So, how’s our basketball team doing, Mr. Rickles?  Any chance of making…

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