Blogging – Still Suck At It


Gosh, I hate blogging. I love writing. Love editing. But don’t like blogging. More than a year after I set this up and I realize I repost other peoples’ blogs so I don’t have to write my own. For shame. No. I’m shameless about it.


Debut Book Makes It To The USA Today website

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It’s one thing to blog because your book’s out. Mine is. That’s exciting on its own, but to have it make it to the USA Today website for new historical releases… That’s killer.

I’m honored.

And speechless. Here’s the link to the site, if you’re curious.
And if you want to know what the book’s about, here’s that too!

And here’s where you’ll find it:

Seasons of Exile
1922 war-ravaged Europe.

Two young women exiled from their country, refugees amongst their own countrymen.

Can these two women find love and their way home amongst treachery and betrayal?

Turkey in 1922 is a dangerous place for young Greek women. A treaty between two nations puts Petra and Marina in a disguise and on a boat bound for Athens, Greece—refugees from a hostile nation and unwanted among their own people.

Following her father’s wishes, Marina is headed to a convent to become a nun until her father disappears after the treaty is signed. Decision and circumstance strand her on an island as the houseguest of a mysterious stranger. Exploring her surroundings she discovers an orphanage that holds as many secrets as the stranger she’s falling in love with.

Petra has a wanderer’s spirit that refuses to be tamed, even by the young soldier who’s proposed to her. Never satisfied with simple aspirations, like marrying and bearing children, she finds herself an outcast, working in an opium den amongst government dissidents and ne’er-do-wells. She didn’t count on attracting the attention of human-traffickers, and her blond hair and fair skin mark her for abduction.

Can Petra and Marina find love and their way home amongst treachery and betrayal?

Based on one family’s history, Seasons of Exile is a love story and a historical about betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption.

Seasons of Exile is an emotionally charged ride across two countries and the Aegean Sea.

Charting a Journey


Charting a Journey!!

So, if you read Rusty’s blog then you know that I was having issues. Name issues! It seems the name I’d originally picked for this book (or group of books) was already in use. And not by just anyone. Jeez. A fairly prolific and(can I say relatively hardcore) erotica writer. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work. So then finally, I picked another name. I had several great suggestions, some not so great ones, and a few that would have been fun, but maybe were a bit on the silly side. To protect the innocent, 😉 I won’t say which ones were what.

So now you see the name and the cover. First edits are done. Second edits will follow soon. I confess, I’m not in a hurry. If I were, I’d put aside the edits that I’m doing for other people. Edits for other people, you say? What’s that all about? Read on.

Did I mention, in addition to all of the other projects, I also am privileged enough to be an Acquisitions Editor for Soul Mate Publishing. And boy, oh boy, are we working on some cool projects. I’ll give you more on those. Perhaps I should ask the authors if it’s okay to discuss their upcoming books. Why wouldn’t it be? Free press and all that, right?